Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Saved again by the Freemart Silver :)

I can not even remember how I got along in life, before I found Freemart.
Which was almost 3 years ago now,  I joined 23rd of January 2016.. ✌
So it is almost yet another fun anniversary for me again ...
Yay, for FREEMART...  Thank YOU John and Freemart... 

I know Freemart has saved me & Kevin so many times, living in this
country ... (Vietnam)  Between all the 24 hour bugs, the Flu bugs, food
poisoning and or the Mosquito bites here, can be very  nasty too ...

I have never had any shots or pills since finding Freemart... + 
Dengue fever was a huge problem just last month , which got 100's
of people got sick here. If only, all of them had known about what we have!

Google Dengue fever in Vietnam ... I just did...   😊   Not pleasant at all ... 
 Dengue occurs year-round in Vietnam, with peak transmission in the
 warmer rainy season, April through October in the north and June
 through December in the South...  .

So you can imagine .... why I am so happy to have found Freemart.
What was life like before Freemart ? Hmmmm, Let's see....

We got sick here often, dehydrated (from the heat) got loads of blisters
from burns and a few scars to boot... Not any more, never sick (touch wood)
Except maybe the self inflicted headaches from after New Years parties LOL ..

For real though .. I will never be without the products EVER again ...especially
here ... For example, just tonight ...

I was cooking dinner and got yet another real nasty steam burn to my hand.
OUCH. ow, ow, ow ... it hurt ...   😮
I went straight for the Freemart concentrated silver, on it went and like magic,
pain was gone instantly ,not a blister in sight and an hour later I had forgot it had
even happened ...Quite literally.
I know people have been using Silver for 100's if not thousands of years,
but it seems like magic to me anyway,  until I found Freemart I really
never knew much about Silver  at all ...  (Natures Antibiotic)  ✋

Since then, I have done a lot of research & not all Silver products are created
equal, that much I do now understand .   Freemart always has the highest
quality,  super concentrated products, probably the best you will ever get,
anywhere in the world  ...& at a very reasonable price..when you work out
how much value you get  and how long they last ..

Averaging at $48 a bottle, which can last for months or in some cases years.
I highly recommend no one is ever without the Silver anywhere in the world. 

The hydration drops are magical too and help the body heal from within ...
Hydration is possibly the most important thing in life, besides money
and Oxygen .. 😉 of course..

One glass of Freemarts' hydrated water is like drinking 8 glasses of standard
every day water .. & I have no idea why, but it just tastes better, for some odd
reason, plus your body just loves it, then you know when you have the ordinary
water and you can actually tell the difference, weirdly enough .. Not kidding ..

I will always be a Freemart fanatic Forever ..   for a good reason..

The products work, they save lives and what good is wealth
without good health?   Good question to think about! 💖


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