Monday, July 13, 2020

While life is back to mostly normal here in NZ, sadly it isn't for most of the world it seems...

I have not posted here for a couple of months, 
whoops, but I have been busy elsewhere. 😎
However, I will never be without our Freemart products. 
While the mainstream media is out to just downright scare people ...
& there has been so much great information being deleted from
 Youtube, Facebook & it seems the world is still in chaos in many countries. 

We all know our Silver cures every virus known to man, 
yet people are being punished for posting about it in some places.. 
Makes no sense to me, anyway ... they have not even proved this 
crazy virus exists, even if it did, odds are it will not even kill you! 
Just look at these stats....  😁

 Insanity really, how & why they are lying about all of it. 

Anyway, FREEMART is still the best place to build your 
immune system up for anything that comes your way... 
Real or otherwise... & for most diseases ~ Our PRODUCTS work!