Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Added some photos too ... ouch!

Added New Night Calls
I added the new times to the live calls page above.. 😊
AND... Once again the silver saves the day.... 
We seem to have been in the wars a bit lately... 
I burnt my finger last week, pretty badly too I must say, 
boiling hot oil over just the one spot, and OUCH !! 😅
Put the Silver concentrate on it straight away and pain was
 gone instantly amazingly enough & a few days later, 
just left with a red mark is all. 
Wow, that is powerful stuff on burns.... (& it was a nasty one) 
The bubbling went from the ring, right up to almost the top by my nail.
 Day one... 

 Day five...

Poor Kev' slipped over in the wet and landed right on his hip.
We did spray it with silver right away, thankfully nothing was broken but the bruising came out pretty fast and it was HUGE ....
All the colours of the rainbow almost! 😰 
OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! (my poor darling) 💕
He is doing fine now though & was pretty lucky really. 
It could have been so much worse. 
Once again thanks to the Freemart Silver,
 It saves us a lot I tell ya! 
I'm sure most people would have gone to hospital with that.
We know all the Freemart products work so well, so way less hospital visits now days. Yay to that! 😊