Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Freemart Pure Silver Concentrate.....

Why I truly believe every household should have a bottle of Freemart Silver
in their medicine cabinet....  I know silver has been around a very long time
and has proven abilities for being natures antibiotic.

Here is why everyone should have some on hand.... 

Silver is today, where penicillin was about 80 years ago, but does not have
the same problems and does not require a prescription.... it is safe enough
to take internally & topically and yet destroys the cause of  the most dangerous
diseases known to man. Not all silver is equal either, and I do believe Freemart
has the best quality pure silver concentrate out there available anywhere today.

I feel it saved our lives quite literally.  Without Freemart silver I have no doubt
in my mind my husband Kevin and I would have been admitted to hospital....

We both ended up with a nasty viral lung infection (an airborne bug) which
the symptoms were so bad, coughing up blood, hot and cold fever, a rash
plus the nasty cough to go with all that (who wouldn't call a doctor? right?)
and if we did not have Freemart silver, we would have had to ....

Anyway, we instead decided to take the pure concentrate Freemart silver
right away, twice a day which helped us both and alleviated the worst of it quickly
& within just a few days we felt completely better.
Without the silver I am pretty sure we would have both ended up in the hospital,
(being in Vietnam, that is one place I do not want to visit again ever) ....

Perhaps if we had of been at home in New Zealand we would have definitely
gone to our Doctor with those nasty symptoms, and quite possibly ended up in
the hospital.....
I have heard stories of some people ending up in hospital for months with
the symptoms we both actually had. Plus I have had pneumonia before so I have
to be extra careful with flus of any kind.... which I don't feel I have to worry
about catching too much now that I have freemart silver on hand to take care
of me, if I do happen to..

I have also seen firsthand,  Freemart silver work and perform what I call
"mini miracles" on burns, cuts, scars and some very nasty bike accident grazes,
with phenomenal results.  I never again want to be without a bottle of Freemart
Pure Silver in our medicine cabinet, that is for sure!

While Freemart has many fantastic products that I LOVE, I truly feel no
one should ever be without the SILVER, especially these days...

Silver even kills antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA
& superbugs which are now resistant to conventional antibiotics like penicillin
etc and the problem is only get worse, ( you can read about that online)  so protect
yourself and your family and get some Freemart Silver in your medicine cabinet
 today...  Better safe than sorry!   

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Pure Silver Concentrate!
(& very cost effective)