Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Do you love your pets? Even they get results with Freemart .....

My sisters' dog Lily is the equivalent to a 97 year old human! 😀
Check this out ... She looks like a puppy again ....  wow ....
My sister, as stubborn as she is , finally decided to give her dog Lily
some of the Freemart Hydration drops and the Silver & look at her now...

As I only saw her a few weeks ago and my sister just took this picture
a few days ago, even I was shocked...   Total transformation..
I knew our products  worked well on animals, as well as humans,
but seeing it work so well on her was fantastic.  🐶😮

Just 6 weeks ago when we were back in New Zealand she was not looking
too good and my sister was thinking she might have to have her put down,
she was partially blind, a bit deaf and finding it hard to move at all, let alone
go on her daily walks.. she was limping and did not look too good as well as
looking old , which she is ...  so I guess she finally decided to give
Freemart a go and gave the products to her or deal with losing her altogether..
Which she was dreading of course...who doesn't dread that option? Never fun!

Anyway, within just a few short weeks , look at her now, what a huge
difference and apparently she is back to acting like her old/young puppyish
self again ....
My sister will probably never admit it was the products of course, 
but how else is it possible?  if not for the Freemart products,
because that was the ONLY thing that had changed in her diet .... 
& believe me that dog has had the same meals everyday, for years....
so I know that never changed, she is one fussy dog... but oh so cute! 😄

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