Thursday, December 7, 2017

Freemart 100K Challenge :)

Listen to our 100k Challenge in 90 Days below:
On the web:
Call: There a 5 second delay before the call
starts and it's only a few minutes long... 😊
Sizzle # 1-818-672-7681
100k in 90-days
It happened twenty years ago and now we are
doing it again.
First you need a company
Next you need a compensation plan
Next you need a product
And finally you need a system
The company is obviously FreeMart
Free to Join
No autoship
No monthly purchase
High Quality Consumable products that are in
No gimmicks or rank advancement to get paid
Refer others to get paid through 9-levels
The plan must be mathematically sound
1. Join For Free
2. Refer 3 in the first week who will purchase one
    product and agree to refer three others
3. At the end of 9 weeks you have a team in
    place that will pay you 100k monthly