Sunday, February 16, 2020

Monday, February 10, 2020

Video removed from youtube about the silver ... wow!

With all the news going on about the Coronavirus, it seems a little 
strange that this video has been removed and the Doctors account 
deleted.....   makes you wonder why,  does it not?  😒
I had the video on an earlier post about the Silver, our Freemart 
Silver is natures anti-biotic which can kill most bugs & viruses... 

Guess they do not want people to know that information at all ....   
The fact her account was terminated and that video was removed ... 
Does make you wonder to the WHY that would be.. ?  

Silver has been used for thousands of years , obviously there are 
many different types out there now. However most are 99.9 % water 
and less than 1 % silver .   Freemart is nano silver and is completely 
concentrated , you would get way more value for money indeed. 

Not sure why anyone would not want a bottle handy ! 
Especially with what is going on around the world these days! 

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year, I remember when I was a kid, the year 2020
 seemed so very far away.. 😉
Super futuristic sounding .... but alas, here it is,  Amazing! 
👀 Time sure flies...  
Being in New Zealand again, we are one of the first to see 
the New Year in around the world.
 It is the 1/1/2020 today already here!
New Years Eve according to the date I posted this LOL  😆

To your goood health and a very Happy New Year for 2020 and beyond...

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Freemart Christmas specials ....

Now is a great time to stock up for Christmas... 😁

Get hydrated with our Hydration Drops and stock up on Silver 
or any of the other fabulous products for Christmas 
with Free Shipping in the US. 

💓 Happy Holidays! 💓

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Added some photos too ... ouch!

Added New Night Calls
I added the new times to the live calls page above.. 😊
AND... Once again the silver saves the day.... 
We seem to have been in the wars a bit lately... 
I burnt my finger last week, pretty badly too I must say, 
boiling hot oil over just the one spot, and OUCH !! 😅
Put the Silver concentrate on it straight away and pain was
 gone instantly amazingly enough & a few days later, 
just left with a red mark is all. 
Wow, that is powerful stuff on burns.... (& it was a nasty one) 
The bubbling went from the ring, right up to almost the top by my nail.
 Day one... 

 Day five...

Poor Kev' slipped over in the wet and landed right on his hip.
We did spray it with silver right away, thankfully nothing was broken but the bruising came out pretty fast and it was HUGE ....
All the colours of the rainbow almost! 😰 
OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! (my poor darling) 💕
He is doing fine now though & was pretty lucky really. 
It could have been so much worse. 
Once again thanks to the Freemart Silver,
 It saves us a lot I tell ya! 
I'm sure most people would have gone to hospital with that.
We know all the Freemart products work so well, so way less hospital visits now days. Yay to that! 😊

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Wow, the world needs to see this video.... shocking!

I was searching to see if our Freemart Silver would help Kevin with his
Dengue fever, which he actually has right now and I happened to come
across this video ..

While the edited version is on our site under read more on the Silver product ...
This is the full length version and the whole world needs to see this one.... 😕

I knew the Silver will help Kev' , but this video was quite a shocker about the
Ebola virus, scary stuff....
AND Nano Silver is the cure for that, but obviously the AMA does not want the
public to know that information... especially when the cure is less than 50 bucks
INSANE really!  Had to share it here!

As with any virus , the cure can be as simple as our Silver product,
when that screws with the trillion dollar industry of the AMA
(American Medical Association)
I guess they would rather not tell the world about that ...  Shocker!! 
Get yourself some Nano Silver today, as she said we are all one plane
ride away from some very nasty viruses coming that will become immune
to prescription antibiotics soon enough...

Visit & go to the products tab , scroll down a little for our
Silver product. Plus it is 200% concentrated, so it is super value for only
 $48  a no brainer if I say so myself, I will never be without it EVER...😀    Superbugs are coming and they can never get immune to Silver!
Natures Antibiotic that could save the world , if they let it !!  😒