Monday, September 20, 2021

Is the truth stranger than fiction? Right now, YES ....

 Wow, it has been a long while since I posted on here,  whoops, I do have two other blogs I have been busy with, although this one started out was suppose to be only one page 😁

This one is probably more important now, more than ever!😩   

I think as more truth is coming out about the jab* and what is in it , people will be searching for some good quality products.  ShopFreemart has been around since 2015 and we have a lot of very happy repeat customers.   While everyone is busy selling Vitamins etc, your body needs good hydration for making it easier to absorb these things. (I am not a doctor) but I have researched many, many things after having a minor heart attack in 2012, so finding Freemart for me was an absolute god sent company.  The CEO has the utmost integrity and has lots & years of knowledge,  he has been talking about poisons in our foods and cleaning products for years now .  Now I know he was right the whole time.. wow.  😍

I had no idea how much until lately, went down many, many rabbit holes so to speak, and it has been a very enlightening , while frightening at the same time to find out all these things.   😵😲💪

While many have sadly been brainwashed or coerced into taking these vial jabs, there is solutions to help build your immune system back up.  Visit the Freemart Product page here:    100% chemical free , natural products and they are TOP QUALITY and highly concentrated as well.  So a little goes a long way.  

Our dear CEO John also wrote the book 200 diseases , there is a picture with the link on this blog that you can get that Ebook for free.  Also joining Shop freemart is also a FREE lifetime membership.   The two everyone needs the most is the hydration drops & the silver, plus we do have a high grade collagen and many, many more great ones. 

I will never, EVER be without those two in my cupboard, we are rarely sick thankfully and my mother who is 88 is on those two as well and recovered from a mastectomy really fast at 86 ,she even surprised her Doctors with how fast .  So I KNOW they work! 


The proof is coming out thick & fast now , this video is just one of them. FINALLY! 

SHOCKING - but true sadly. 😒