Thursday, December 7, 2017

Freemart 100K Challenge :)

Listen to our 100k Challenge in 90 Days below:
On the web:
Call: There a 5 second delay before the call
starts and it's only a few minutes long... 😊
Sizzle # 1-818-672-7681
100k in 90-days
It happened twenty years ago and now we are
doing it again.
First you need a company
Next you need a compensation plan
Next you need a product
And finally you need a system
The company is obviously FreeMart
Free to Join
No autoship
No monthly purchase
High Quality Consumable products that are in
No gimmicks or rank advancement to get paid
Refer others to get paid through 9-levels
The plan must be mathematically sound
1. Join For Free
2. Refer 3 in the first week who will purchase one
    product and agree to refer three others
3. At the end of 9 weeks you have a team in
    place that will pay you 100k monthly

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Freemart is moving servers......

Due to huge growth,  Freemart are moving servers.  Fantastic news.  
It should be completed over the next few days ....   💟👍

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Freemart just keeps getting better and better ....

The Best products, the Best pay plan I have seen in 25 years and one 
big happy family.  It truly does not get any easier to share... 😍

Monday, October 2, 2017

NEW TIME for live calls Monday-Friday

Our new time for live presentations five nights each week: 😊
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we feature our Nutrients and health education Tuesdays and Thursdays we feature the Rewards Plan

Time: 5 PM Pacific - 6 PM Mountain - 7 PM Central - 8 PM Eastern
Number:  641-715-3580  Pin: 949 458#

You can also listen "live" via the net:

To join the calls on the phone, 
Dial 641-715-3580 -- PIN 949458#

Friday, September 15, 2017

Toxic Chemicals in virtually Everything - Eye Opening Video ....

Be sure to watch this video, if that doesn't scare you, nothing will ....
Then be sure to check out Freemarts  NVIRO 360 Promo   😍

Have you ever wondered why there are all sorts of warnings and labels
on the bottles of your cleaning supplies? That’s because they contain ingredients
that can cause severe health problems and you need to keep them out of reach
of your pets and children.....  


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Websites , New Videos and so much more coming!

Freemart animated short video ...   and the new social site is almost finished...
Plus so much more coming...  Freemart just keeps getting even better!  😊

Friday, September 1, 2017

We all need Freemart ~ WHY? ....

I just wish more people would listen about Freemart products...  😇
While we are not allowed to legally say they save lives .. "They can & do"

For those who are ready to hear about it, that is and not think they are just being
sold something, as the usual story goes.... we need to share freemart, not sell it!

Freemart products actually WORK and help so many...

My Ex-husband passed away just recently, which was very sad of course,
but had he been ready to hear about what could have helped him, who knows?

I know Freemart has saved me a few times, as well as my now hubby Kevin.
Who knows where we would be without them  ....  Seriously!

When the timing is right, I guess many will hear the stories and then listen....

 Freemart products are as necessary as ??  👪   OR .. (loo paper)  ???


Freemart products are as necessary as loo paper! Quite literally!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Do you know anyone with an impaired kidney?

Hydration + Health = Happiness

Hydration is the key to health, freemart happy water is a must have! 
It is not enough to just drink normal water these days, you could drink 
gallons of ordinary water, it will not hydrate you at the cellular level that
freemart happy water will.  The stories are coming in thick & fast..

 Here is a great testimonial from Johan  Re: his kidney issue he had....  
An amazing water and siaga story:
or Number: 641-715-3589 Pin: 949 458# Reference #438 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Awesome call about Freemart Happy Water... why the new name?

Miracle H2O is now "Happy Water"  Why is that ?  

Listen here to find out!    Share the love!

The primary benefit of FreeMart Happy Water™ Concentrate is its ability to affect each molecule of pure water that it is added to and therefore promote an exceptional level of intracellular hydration.

Hydrated cells are “happy” cells and this is evidenced by the euphoric feeling that is often experienced by those who are adding FreeMart Happy Water™ Concentrate to their purified drinking water.

They have successfully concentrated and changed the state of water into one of more elements so that when it is added to larger containers of water, it changes the characteristics of the entire contents of the container, making the water more hydrating to humans, plants and animals.

The water’s smaller particle size allows it to more readily enter and exit the cells, hydrating the system in an optimal way and in doing so, it does a superior job of transporting nutrients into the cells and expelling metabolic waste and harmful materials out of the cells.

In addition to its ability to help maintain optimum hydration of the cells, FreeMart Happy Water™ contains a multitude of other health benefits due to many other positive properties that are energetically embedded into the water via our trademarked LightEnhanced™ technology.

Tapping into quantum physics research and development, we have entered into the Quantum State of applications with our newer, more-concentrated FreeMart Happy Water™ Concentrate.

Just six drops of FreeMart Happy Water™ is added to one gallon of a quality base water. This makes it very economical indeed, since just one 2 oz. bottles of FreeMart Happy Water™ Concentrate will treat up to 198 gallons of purified drinking water.   

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Two excellent Freemart calls and a bit of fun!

Two recorded calls the first one is only 30 mins and well worth hearing.
Click here to Listen.
Plus the next days' one is below, as they refer to it on  the first call....
if you liked what you hear. Excellent one with Brad and Bonnie.  
 Click here for that.         lol       "o ) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Freemart Pure Silver Concentrate.....

Why I truly believe every household should have a bottle of Freemart Silver
in their medicine cabinet....  I know silver has been around a very long time
and has proven abilities for being natures antibiotic.

Here is why everyone should have some on hand.... 

Silver is today, where penicillin was about 80 years ago, but does not have
the same problems and does not require a prescription.... it is safe enough
to take internally & topically and yet destroys the cause of  the most dangerous
diseases known to man. Not all silver is equal either, and I do believe Freemart
has the best quality pure silver concentrate out there available anywhere today.

I feel it saved our lives quite literally.  Without Freemart silver I have no doubt
in my mind my husband Kevin and I would have been admitted to hospital....

We both ended up with a nasty viral lung infection (an airborne bug) which
the symptoms were so bad, coughing up blood, hot and cold fever, a rash
plus the nasty cough to go with all that (who wouldn't call a doctor? right?)
and if we did not have Freemart silver, we would have had to ....

Anyway, we instead decided to take the pure concentrate Freemart silver
right away, twice a day which helped us both and alleviated the worst of it quickly
& within just a few days we felt completely better.
Without the silver I am pretty sure we would have both ended up in the hospital,
(being in Vietnam, that is one place I do not want to visit again ever) ....

Perhaps if we had of been at home in New Zealand we would have definitely
gone to our Doctor with those nasty symptoms, and quite possibly ended up in
the hospital.....
I have heard stories of some people ending up in hospital for months with
the symptoms we both actually had. Plus I have had pneumonia before so I have
to be extra careful with flus of any kind.... which I don't feel I have to worry
about catching too much now that I have freemart silver on hand to take care
of me, if I do happen to..

I have also seen firsthand,  Freemart silver work and perform what I call
"mini miracles" on burns, cuts, scars and some very nasty bike accident grazes,
with phenomenal results.  I never again want to be without a bottle of Freemart
Pure Silver in our medicine cabinet, that is for sure!

While Freemart has many fantastic products that I LOVE, I truly feel no
one should ever be without the SILVER, especially these days...

Silver even kills antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA
& superbugs which are now resistant to conventional antibiotics like penicillin
etc and the problem is only get worse, ( you can read about that online)  so protect
yourself and your family and get some Freemart Silver in your medicine cabinet
 today...  Better safe than sorry!   

You can shop for pure silver at   

Pure Silver Concentrate!
(& very cost effective)  

Monday, January 9, 2017

A Great Testimonial and What is FreeMart?

There are many more testimonials on the calls, I do even have a good
one or two of my own to tell,  I particularly liked Pattys' one,  as so
many of us can relate to her story & her audio below is great too,
if you also have pets you love. 


I had this big two inch strip of white hair growing right in the middle
of my bangs. I started putting the drops of copper on my hairline and
rubbing it in and taking drops of copper in my mouth every two days
and now the white strip is all gone......
 ~ Patty Clarkson ~
  Click Here To Listen To Patty  

What is FreeMart? 

Free-Mart is a new paradigm in network marketing based upon
caring and sharing. All of the traditional negativity associated with
network marketing has been removed.
What is left is a business model based upon honesty, integrity,
simplicity and transparency.

#   Free-Mart is like a buyer’s club that is free to join
#   There are “never” any autoshipments required
#   Never an obligation to purchase a product
#   Only those who want our products, purchase them
#   Products are of the utmost purity & concentration