Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Freemart gets hit by scammers ... :(

Great Quotes and an Important update!   👀💢
Quote of the Day:
"The average person confuses success with luck. But luck has nothing to do with it." 
Dean Graziosi  ~
Why is it, that they seem to target the most honest of businesses ?  INSANE! 
Important Update, You Need to Know:
FreeMart was hit by massive fraud by what appears to
be an organized team of computer programmers using robots
to sign up thousands of fake members and verify fraudulent
email addresses in order to collect $5 from our new member
Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1,000 orders were created
by this group from free money, which in turn created multiple
thousands of dollars in commissions, which were then requested
this past weekend by the scammers.
We regret to inform you that this has forced us to block our
website from certain countries.  Virtual Money Bonuses earned
in November will not be affected, but we are going to have to
take back the $5 Virtual Money Bonuses paid beginning December
1, 2018 because of the fraud. We obviously can't recover money
that was lost, but thank God we caught it when we did, because,
I have seen companies taken down by these kind of scammers.
In the meantime, we are working overtime to sort through
thousands of records to try and determine which ones are
legitimate and which ones are not.
Unfortunately, many honest people around the world will be
hurt due to the dishonesty of a few. My sincere apologies
for having to take this action, but in order to safeguard
the future of ShopFreeMart for the entire world it had to
be done.
Another good quote,  😉
 I guess scammers do not get flowers too often, then!

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